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I have a list of complaints about the community, and I'm very conflicted; Because i love meeting others like me, but at the same time i hate a lot of the people in it.

- Too many fluffs. As in, people who think they're a wolf with wings and glowing marks and red eyes with a thirst for human blood, etc.
- Too many people forcing their beliefs down other peoples' throats. Such as some of the community is spiritual and force their views on others, likewise those who think otherkinism is psychological will sometimes force their beliefs as well.
- Lots of people who think physical shifting is real. While I'm open to the idea, I get frustrated with people who brag about how they can p-shift and offer lessons but then won't provide any proof or science behind the process. I'm more of a see-it-to-believe-it person.
- There's a lot of trolls in the community who make fun of our identities. While I personally don't care if they make fun of me in particular, it's when it overruns the community when it bothers me. A fine example of this is Tumblr. Otherkin blogs on there are never safe because trolls and bullies always go on there and spam them, make fun of them, spread lies about the community, etc. It gives us a very bad name and is just plain rude and annoying. I don't care if you believe us or not, just stop harassing us for our identities. It doesn't fucking hurt you in any fucking way.
- Speaking of Tumblr, I hate all of the kintypes people are coming up with. Foodkin, planetkin, starkin, skeletonkin.... the list goes on..
- There's always that one person who says they want to "become" a therian/otherkin. We have to explain to them that it isn't possible, you either are or you aren't one. Then they either leave the subject alone or, more often than not, flip out. They claim it's just a practice, and is optional, and they start extremely unnecessary drama. Get your head out of your ass.
-Lastly, I hate when people post about all the tails and collars and goth makeup they buy. I respect that you are into that stuff, but seriously, unless there's a forum area that allows you to post personal stuff, please don't spam us with that. Otherkinism is not the equivalent of being a Teen wolf, which is just a fashion statement. It's also not the same as being a furry, which is just a community of people who enjoy human/animal art, music, writing, etc.

In short, there's reasons I usually avoid talking about otherkin. And I find them to be very good ones honestly. The community needs to more educational if we want to get a good message across about what we're all about, which is NOT dressing up in tails and collars and forming "packs', those are personal, individual choices.
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